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New Planet Gluten-Free Pale Ale, Blonde & IPA

BLONDE HIGHLIGHTS: Light and refreshing ale with mild citrus notes and a crisp clean finish.

They say that blondes have more fun. And while we can neither confirm nor deny that, enjoying New Planet’s Blonde Ale is definitely fun. It’s also delicious.

Perfect for year-round enjoyment—think of it as your perfect rafting, camping, and skiing companion—our Blonde Ale is refreshingly light and crisp, with subtle citrus notes.

Whether you’re blonde, brunette, bald, or redhead, we’re sure that you’re going to love this beauty of a beer.

PALE ALE HIGHLIGHTS: Full of bold, hoppy flavor, this citrusy Pale Ale is infinitely drinkable and balanced throughout. Brewed with a combination of Cascade and Sterling hops, our Pale Ale is at home at the top of a 14er, at the finish line of your latest triathlon, and your backyard cookout.

Enjoy it out straight out of the can or pour it into your favorite pint glass and admire its beautiful copper coloring and inhale the juicy hop aroma. Then, relax in front of a campfire and regale your family and friends with your latest outdoor exploits.

IPA HIGHLIGHTS: George Thorogood said it well when he said, “When I drink alone, I prefer to be by myself.” At New Planet, we’re big fans of enjoying great beer with close friends, but we also know there is something special about being out in the elements by yourself.

These moments of quiet solitude in nature are the inspiration behind Seclusion IPA. Brewed with light malts and dry hopped with citrus notes, Seclusion IPA is aromatic and full-bodied without being overbearing.


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