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Barlean’s Coconut Oil

Grocery Product

Savor the tropical aroma and light, sweet-nutty flavor of Barlean’s high quality Virgin Organic Coconut Oil. As delicious as it is versatile, it is great for baking and stir-frying and for curries or other dishes that benefit from a slight coconut flavor. It is also effective as a skin moisturizer, make-up remover and hair conditioner. Our oil comes exclusively from certified-organic plantations in the Philippines where coconut palms grow naturally without pesticides. Coconut oil does not contain any trans fat (the unhealthy kind). It is semi-solid at room temperature and liquid when warm.

Barlean’s Coconut Oil is classified virgin, which means it’s minimally processed, unrefined, and not deodorized with harsh solvents. It’s also certified USDA Organic and backed by Barlean’s 100-percent guarantee.

Rich in MCTs for Energy and Weight Control
A powerful source of nutrition, coconut oil is made up of special fatty acids called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which make it unique among other fats. While we tend to think of triglycerides as bad, the medium-chain varieties are actually good for you. In fact, MCTs are widely used by high-endurance athletes because of their powerful energy-producing properties.

Coconut oil’s high MCT count allows it to be metabolized as a carbohydrate to create immediate energy that can stimulate the entire body. Therefore, consuming coconut oil can help increase your metabolism and even help you lose weight.

• Nature’s Most Versatile Superfood
• Hand Selected & Picked Fresh
• Harvested at the Peak of Flavor & Nutritional Value
• Non-Hydrogenated – No Trans Fat
• Rich in Lauric and Caprylic Acid
• Great Source of Medium Chain Triglycerides
• USDA Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO
• Fair Trade, Cold Pressed

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