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Re-Opening Announcement- May 1, 2020

This crisis has affected not only how we do business but everyone across the globe. We chose to protect our employees and customers from any further spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) by remaining open but not allowing customers in the stores. We realize this was an inconvenience but we thank you for sticking with us and doing curbside service.
Our stores had to reduce the staff and a few chose to move on. We have been working to ramp back up and hire employees at all three of our locations as well as restock our shelves. The Beavercreek and Florence stores are now ready to accept a limited number of customers in the store, starting today- May 1st, per the instructions that follow. However, our North Dayton store is not quite ready yet and will begin allowing customers in the store on May 11th.
In the rush to get back to business and allow customers in the stores, we can’t afford to risk mis-communication or non-compliance of the guidelines that have been outlined by Governor Dewine of Ohio and Governor Beshear of Kentucky. We will remain vigilant in following those guidelines as well as ones that our staff feel comfortable with allowing.
Here are the protective measures for customers entering the stores May 1st:
  • Beavercreek store will allow up to 7 customers in the store at one time and will still offer curbside service.
  • Florence store will allow up to 10 customers in the store at one time and NO curbside service due to staff limitations.
  • All customers coming in the store must wear a face covering which could be a mask, scarf or any material that covers the nose and mouth.
  • We will provide gloves to all customers.
  • All employees will wear face masks and gloves and will wipe down areas regularly.
  • Customers will need to remain 6 feet apart while in the store
  • Curbside service will be available at the Beavercreek store but will not be available at the Florence store. We ask for your patience while we are managing these services offered.
  • If any customer is sick or showing flu symptoms, please remain home and place your order over the phone.
North Dayton store will open May 11th allowing up to 6 customers in the store following these same guidelines and will continue with curbside service.
We greatly appreciate your understanding while we move forward with serving you and protecting everyone with these safety guidelines.
Tony Hause, Owner
Healthy Alternative Markets

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