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Almased Protein Shake Diet Plan

Almased Protein Shake Diet Plan

Check out the video link above of a Healthy Alternative customer explaining how she did the Almased diet.
One of the best protein shakes out there for losing weight! In phase one, you are resetting your metabolism to burn fat more successfully and also ridding the body of harmful toxins. Almased will get your metabolism going in the first few days of following their phase one diet plan. Almased provides a diet plan and details out recommendations for four phases. You truly feel full for 4-5 hours. It promotes healthy levels of the hunger controlling hormone ghrelin.

During the initial phase, start the Almased Figure Plan with three Almased shakes per day. Restrict your intake of carbohydrates. Solid foods, sugary drinks (soda, fruit juice, beer) and fruit are off-limits! Preparing your Almased shake is as quick and easy as losing weight on the Almased Diet! Replace each meal with eight tablespoons of Almased, mixed in 10-12 ounces of bottled or filtered water, skim milk, unsweetened almond or soy milk and 1 teaspoon of olive, flaxseed or walnut oil. You can flavor your shakes with cinnamon or other spices, unsweetened cocoa powder and flavored extracts like vanilla or almond. You may also have several bowls of the vegetable broth per day as shown on page 8.  In this phase, you are also ridding the body of harmful toxins, so be sure to drink 10-12 cups of fluids per day to flush out the acidic by-products that are released when the body breaks down fat. Water (ideally sparkling mineral water), coffee, fruit or herbal teas without sugar are recommended. You can extend this phase up to 14 days.

Click Here for the Complete Almased Figure Plan PDF

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