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Bulk Packaged Nuts, Seeds, Coconut, Fruit & More

Bulk Packaged Nuts, Seeds, Coconut, Fruit & More

Enjoy creating your own healthy snacks loaded with protein! Healthy Alternative offers a large selection of pre-packaged bulk items like: coconut, raw nuts and seeds, dried papaya, blueberries, cherries, carob chips and more. Mix together as many items as you like to create your own trail mix. Chose the items you and your family enjoy, then package them in individual snack bags to grab and go. Toss in your kids lunch, have a bag at your desk for a healthy snacking option. You’ll feel more satisfied, you get the crunch and sweetness of the dried fruit and of course you can’t forget to add some healthy chocolate. Yum!

Holiday’s and birthdays are the perfect time to make up a batch and put in pretty tins or jars decorated with ribbon.

Kim from our North Dayton store shares a variety of bulk items and her own special recipe in this video.

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