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Jennie’s 5 Favorite Picks for On-the-Go People

Jennie’s 5 Favorite Picks for On-the-Go People

Are you a busy person? I think that’s an understatement for anyone today! Busy people always need new ideas on where and how to get good nutrition. That’s why we asked Jennie, our Healthy Alternative buyer, what her 5 favorite picks are. She explained them in more detail during a Facebook Live event. Here are some tantalizing details on each product to familiarize yourself with their amazing benefits. If you missed it, below is a link to view the video.

video link

  1. GT Kombucha Drink “Heart Beet”– From their Enlightened selection of Kombucha, brewed with living cultures, yielding a light and smooth probiotic powerhouse. Jennie loves this flavor and the natural energy booster, detoxifier and heart health benefits you get from beet juice. Another great supplement to get more probiotics is Renew life Ultimate Flora for women 90 billion: great for after taking antibiotics. And Jennie shared some family history and heart concerns which is why she is proactive in taking Natural Factors CoQ10.
  2. Amazing Grass Effervescent Greens – Kick coffee to the curb and grab this little secret. You’ll forget about coffee in no time and get the same reboot benefits packed with the great stuff Amazing Grass is known for. All you have to do is pop one tablet in some water and watch the fizzy goodness dissolve into a great tasting drink. Hello Energy! Greens are a first-choice natural energy food, as they help the body get rid of all the gunk that’s slowing down basic functioning, while at the same time helping build red blood cells, so oxygen and nutrients can circulate more efficiently. Also included is a premium litany of revitalizing, antioxidant-rich superfoods, ranging from camu to elderberry, garlic to oregano, elderberry to mangosteen … I mean, there’s even Brussels sprout concentrate in here, people! The result is a food-based energy drink (which tastes like lemon-lime or berry, depending on the flavor you choose), that covers a massive amount of your nutritional needs, including 100% of your daily B12, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C. All this goodness clocking in at 15 calories and 1 gram of naturally occurring sugar.
  3. Vital Proteins Beauty Greens: greens plus collagen & hyaluronic acid. Great for skin!
  4. Solgar Full Spectrum Curcumin – Curcumin is a go-to supplement for many reasons, but Jennie loves it for the antioxidant properties, it reduces inflammation and blocks toxic compounds.  This blend offers 185 times better bioavailability, starting with 95% curcumin extract. You only need one softgel, once a day making it the easiest and highest quality choice for people on-the-go.
  5. Kate Farms Komplete Meal Replacement Shake – A well-balanced DELICIOUS meal in a bottle containing 24 vitamins and minerals, high protein, good source of fiber with and ideal fat proportion. It also contains 29 fruits and vegetables as well as green tea and green coffee. There are several flavors- vanilla, chocolate and coffee. Jennie’s fave is coffee.
  6. Gummy Multi-Vitamin – Supplement manufacturers hit a home run when they introduced a multi-vitamin that is reminiscent of a “gummy bear” but packed with all the vitamins and minerals you need for the day. Jennie touts the ease of taking them on-the-go as no water is needed and you can share them with your kids! Healthy Alternative Markets offers several brands to chose from.
  7. Solgar Astaxanthin good for eye health/floaters


We hope you were able to tune in to the Live broadcast. If you have any questions on these products please stop in and any of our staff can walk you through all the options and what product might be best for you.

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