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Tag: mini seminar

Mini-Seminar: Omega-3

Mini-Seminar: Tony Discusses Omega-3s & Nordic Natural Supplements In this mini-seminar, Tony discusses Omega-3s and Nordic Naturals supplements. He’ll explain the importance of Omega 3s and it’s 3 types: ALA, EPA and DHA, what to look for in a quality Omega-3 supplement and the different types of Nordic Naturals Omega...

Mini-Seminar: Inflammation

Mini-Seminar: Tony Discusses Inflammation/Pain Find out what the top brand is that Tony, owner of Healthy Alternative Markets in Dayton, OH and Florence, Ky suggests and why he feels its the best. You’ll learn: how turmeric works to help stop pain and heal recommended dosage suggestions from mild discomfort to...

Mini-Seminar: Tony Reviews Sleep Aids

TONY- OWNER OF HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE DISCUSSES NATURAL SLEEP AIDS In this mini-seminar- Tony, owner of Healthy Alternative Markets, shares his recommendations on his favorite brands and information on natural sleep aids. You’ll Learn: how melatonin works to help your body sleep recommended dosage suggestion for supplements and herbs options for...

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